Enjoy Your Stamped Concrete Patio Year-Round with These Key Architectural Features

Your patio and other outdoor living spaces aren’t meant to just be enjoyed during warm-weather months. Getting the most out of your patio year-round can be as simple as adding a stamped concrete patio and including a few key architectural features into the design.

At stamped concrete contractors with decades of custom projects under our belt, we’ve built all types of architectural features to warm up outdoor spaces, ranging from modest to extravagant. Read on to see just a few of our favorites and to learn how to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round.

Incorporating a concrete firepit into your patio, pools-side deck or other seating area is a great way to invite family and friends to spend some time outdoors when colder weather arrives. These simple architectural features can take any number of shapes and sizes. You can also match the concrete finish of the firepit to the style, pattern and color of the rest of the stamped concrete space. Not only do firepits add beauty, warmth and functionality to your yard, but they also add incredible value to your home as well.

Hot Tub Surrounds
A hot tub may be the ultimate addition to a backyard space if you’re looking to spend time outdoors during the winter. At Paradise Masonry, we’ll create a custom hot tub surround that incorporates your hot tub into the overall outdoor space. Whatever the style, concrete pattern and color of your patio’s concrete, we can match it to the surround and create a seamless look. Or, choose a contrasting pattern to create a hot tub that stands out as a unique feature. Whatever custom look you choose, you’ll create a space outdoors that’s enjoyed year-round.

Custom Lighting, Pavilions, Pergolas and More
There are countless other ways to add features that make your space enjoyable year-round. Features like outdoor lighting can be tucked up under steps and retaining walls to illuminate your space as the days grow longer. Pavilions and pergolas give overhead cover to a patio or deck to protect from wind and rain. And, they can help trap the warmth created by a heated outdoor space.

There’s no limit to the features you can add to your decorative concrete patio space to let you and your family can enjoy it all year long. If you can dream it, our team of experienced concrete craftsman can bring it to life. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your next outdoor project.