Lancaster, PA Stamped Concrete Patio And Walkway

This year the Paradise Masonry team completed a unique stamped concrete project on a property in Lancaster, PA. This project included numerous phases that occurred over the course of a few years and combined to create an amazing outdoor living space.


First, our concrete contractor crews replaced an existing concrete patio under a rear deck with a new stamped concrete patio. This became a perfect second dining room and gave the homeowner the ability to enjoy meals outdoors during warmer months.

This part of the project utilized a tiled square stamped concrete pattern along with a slate gray integral color and a charcoal powder release color. Together, this stamped concrete pattern and color combination provides a unique and sophisticated look.

The following year, we extended a brand new stamped concrete walkway from the new patio to a new pergola area containing a cozy sitting room and fireplace. This walkway was designed to have the look of large ashlar slate, in contrast to the tiled square pattern on the patio.


Last, we installed a custom pergola and a unique modular fireplace that allows the homeowners to gather and relax in comfort even when there’s a chill in the air. Thanks to a large selection of modular and custom pergolas, fireplaces and other architectural features we can add a unique and livable touch to any project.


If you’re interested in learning more about our stamped concrete patios, walkways, pergolas and fireplaces please contact us today. We look forward to discussing ideas and presenting an estimate for your consideration.