Series: A New Stamped Concrete Patio Comes to Life. Part 1

Stamped concrete patios are a beautiful addition to any home’s yard. You get to enjoy an expanded living and entertaining space while adding value to your home. Getting from the start of the project to a finished custom concrete patio, however, is a complex process that takes an experienced stamped concrete contractor with an eye for detail and precision masonry.

At Paradise Masonry, our concrete craftsmen have spent decades designing and building custom concrete structures and have the intricate process down to a fine art.

Check out the gallery below of a recent stamped concrete patio we completed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to get a glimpse into the detailed process of bringing a stamped concrete patio to life. And check out Part 2 in this project blog series to see the finished result.

Bringing a Stamped Concrete Patio to Life
Once you’ve determined the look, style and placement of your new patio, our team gets to work. Outlining the patio’s shape and space is the all important first step. Here we frame out curves and the perimeter in a way that gives the patio a unique, custom look.

We then build architectural features, like walls, firepits and more.

Once we have the patio’s frame sized and other elements built, we fill the space with stone and precisely pour, stamp and smooth the concrete to create a strong, level foundation.

Check out Part 2 of our project blog series to see the last steps of the stamped concrete process and the beautiful final result.

Contact us today to learn more about the sophistication a stamped concrete patio can add to your backyard and to get started on your next project. We look forward to helping you bring your own decorative concrete patio to life.