Paradise Masonry in Action, Pouring a Large Staging Dock

As a commercial concrete contractor in PA, we enjoy completing various sized projects. And the staging dock we recently poured in Southeastern PA is a great example of the type of large commercial project that our team is uniquely equipped to handle. This particular project, built for a wood truss manufacturing company by our friends at Hoover Buildings, involved multiple trucks, laser levelling technology and a large team of workers.

laid wire for concrete pour



To start, our crew installed forms to outline the area, and laid rebar based on the specifications for this project.

concrete trucks waiting to pour



Then, with the trucks pouring into the tele-belt’s hopper, we used the tele-belt to position the concrete as needed within the form. Additional trucks were staged close by, ready to pour when the first set of trucks had discharged their loads.


pouring concrete


Once the concrete was poured, our crew used the laser technology on a laser screed, we leveled the concrete as specified to create a perfect finish. Our screed has two receivers that receive a laser signal from a grade transit, ensuring the correct grade even over wide distances and large pads. Note the laser tripod in the background of the image below, and the two receivers on the screed machine itself.


3D Concrete Screed


The finished exterior portion of this project complements the interior concrete pad that our team provided at the beginning of the building process. And the completed building and staging yard will help the customer’s business grow in the years to come.


Warehouse Floor

At Paradise Masonry, we are one of the PA concrete contractors who enjoy and specialize in completing large commercial pours like this one, and we are ready to help with your next project, too.

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